Hi, I'm Courtney!

 I create effective and engaging instructional videos and e-learning courses that help modern learners achieve their goals. 

Who am I?

Designing instruction for the modern learner requires an eye for design, attention to detail, and information that is presented in a clear and concise manner

I design and develop E-Learning courses, instructional videos, and presentations that meet the needs of the modern learner and are aesthetically pleasing. This helps the learner make a connection to their learning

When these priorities are aligned, the learner can meet the objectives, while the goals set forth by the company are achieved. 

What others are saying...

"Courtney is a thoughtful and talented instructional designer with a penchant to break down complex processes and concepts, keeping an empathy for the learner throughout the design. Courtney supported adoption of our product through the creation of a holistic plan featuring video tutorials, webinars, and live in-person training. Users who engaged with Courtney’s content engaged with the product more than twice as much as users who did not. Any team and their learners would be lucky to have Courtney’s creative, solutions-oriented approach to instructional design to elevate their work."

Will Cullen

Supply Generation Lead, TPT (former) | Director of Program, ASU+GSV Summit (current)

"I loved working with Courtney. She designed multiple interactive tutorials for our EdTech product that helped onboard new users in a fun and engaging way. She also created helpful video tutorials and built a curriculum for helping teachers learn how to use our product. Her work was always clear, well-designed, and aligned with customer needs. I've heard from many teachers who told me that Courtney's work had helped them teach more effectively in the classroom."

Thomas Knight

Director of Product, TPT