Easel Tips Video Library

About this Project

During the Fall of 2022, I created a series of quick tip videos to accompany TPT's Easel Certified Sellers course. The video series was created out of the need for Sellers to quickly and easily access information that was presented in the course without having to search the entire course. After I created these micro-learning videos, I assembled them into the company's learning management system to create an on-demand video library. 

*TPT is an online marketplace where educators can buy, sell, and share educational resources and materials 

*Easel by TPT is a digital platform created by TPT which contains a suite of tools used to design, develop and implement digital lessons and activities

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Creating an 

Easel Activity

The learner is presented with step-by-step instructions on how to create a new Easel Activity in this video. The instructions presented include two different methods for creating the Easel Activity.

The Student Experience in Easel

In this video, the learner will gain insight into how a student will experience an Easel Activity. This helps ensure best practices are being followed when the learner is creating their own resources.

Aligning Items in Easel Activities

There are a variety of technical tools that the learner must understand in order to effectively use Easel by TPT. This video demonstrates how to use one of the tools: the alignment tool.