TPT Conference Presentation

About this Project

In July 2022 I completed a video presentation and a live presentation at the TPT Forward Conference in Chicago, Illinois. This presentation was focused on TPT's digital suite of tools called Easel by TPT.

To prepare for this presentation I used Instructional Design skills to assess the anticipated needs of the audience and plan the presentation to pique attention. The abundance of visual aids in the presentation was used to motivate attendees to act on their new knowledge and engage with the tool after attendance. 

Both the live presentation and video presentation were well received which generated excitement for Easel by TPT and encouraged further use of the tool.

*TPT is an online marketplace where educators can buy, sell, and share educational resources and materials 

*Easel by TPT is a digital platform created by TPT which contains a suite of tools used to design, develop and implement digital lessons and activities